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I've created several courses & programs to help you on your journey to rockstar status with your coaching biz. This is all the shit that I wish was available to me when I was just getting started. Trust me when I say: it's all ⬇️REAL JUICY ⬇️


How to use your Instagram close friends list  to blow up your biz

Time to get in formation, boo. Cause you’re sleeping on one of the most wildly effective tools you could be using to connect with your audience, set yourself up as an authority, and warm up your leads like WHOA. It’s your Instagram Close Friends list...Boom! And I want to teach you exactly how to use it to grow your coaching biz.

Instagram Coach Camp

I know you’re trying to make Insta work for you and your coaching biz, and doing all the right things...but I also know that so far it ain’t workin very well. But, yo: it’s not your fault! This Insta cock block is goin down simply because you don’t you have a solid plan. In this program, I give you my e-x-a-c-t gameplan for engaging with my audience, growing my biz, and using Instagram as the ONLY tool I use to market my multi-six-figure coaching biz.

Coach Icon Mastermind

Lemme know if this describes you: Motivated as fuck to grow your online coaching biz, and ready to do whatever the hell it takes to make it happen?

✔️ Totally over Facebook groups and ready to go all in on Instagram?

✔️ Dying to create a biz for yourself that looks like NO ONE ELSE's but afraid to make the jump all on your own?

✔️ Sick of trying to figure it all out and psyched to invest in a coach that’s gonna teach you how to do this coach biz building thang step-by-step, kick your ass [when you need it] and help you reach empire status 72 bajillion times faster than you’d do it on your own?

Well then: congrat-u-friggin-lations...this mastermind is soo up your alley.




Good question! Only hitch is: I'm not exactly sure. I love running my biz in a way that feels light, easy and fun, and it's most fun for me when I don't plan tooooo far ahead. So I know that ICC will be coming around again soon, but I'm not exactly sure when it will be. If you can't wait, I feel you. You'll want to purchase the self-study option now, and that way you can dive right in and get immediate access to the material.

how can i get on the waitlist for your mastermind?

My Coach Icon Mastermind is going to be kicking off in March or April 2021. Spots are very limited and I'm only looking to work with bombass women who are ready to commit to doing everything they need to to blow up their biz and make shit happen. If that sounds like you, send me a DM on Insta and let's chat more [yep, I'm already selling spots out even before the doors open].

I'm not sure I'm ready to you have any free options?

Yep! You def need to join my Coach Club training vault. This is where I keep all of my fave mini-trainings, fun coffee chats, and even fun videos on my life here in Mexico. I'm always adding to the vault, and even offering free monthly masterclasses to anyone who's in there. You can join by clicking HERE.

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