About Me

Heyyyyy. I'm Erica.

And I’m full-on friggin obsessed with helping other coaches like you build their online businesses to empire status, make lots of money [I wanna be a millionaire and I want you to be too] and create your “how is this even real?” dream lives.

And yep: I want to help you do this shit your OWN damn way.

[Moving to Mexico like I did is totes optional, but *highly* recommended].

You know how some of these “about page” mamma jammas often start off with “not to brag, but”? Yeah, well that makes me wanna barf. I’ve done some badass shit in my life and I want to brag my face off and tell you all about it in the hopes that you’ll get inspired and go out and do some badass shit too.

Cause if you’re this deep into my site, I know that you and I are a lot alike.

I gotta work with you

Roll the highlight reel

• With zero training, I started my own six-figure interior design business in 2015. This led to gigs writing for HGTV and having my own home in Los Angeles featured in two top selling interior designer’s books.

• I started my coaching business in December 2018, and sold out my first 1:1 program in less than one week. Every program since has also sold out.

• Within 6 months I had my very first course launch, and made $49,876

• My husband and I moved to San Miguel de Allende Mexico with our senior Basset Gus on a 6-month adventure...we never left.

• I received my coaching certification from Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School

Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

I think differently, create programs differently, and coach way the hell differently than most of the other coaches out there. And this has required me to do some serious mindset work [which is why I include a hefty dose of mindset shift work with all of my biz advice].

During my years as a coach, my biggest takeaway has been this: your brain is a dick [for the record, mine is too along with everyone else’s].

And I’m talking a third-degree, ninja black belt level dick. It’s a powerful mofo for sure, but also: it’s always getting in the way, making you believe lies about yourself that aren’t true, and dreaming up new and more exciting ways to make you feel like a piece of garbage.

Here’s the real good news

Once you figure out how to wrangle that dick brain of yours, it’s all unicorn eyelashes, puppy dog kisses and rainbows. This is the space from which you get to create your own unique, don’t look like nobody else’s coaching biz, invent juicy as fuck programs, & change a bunch of women’s lives as their coach.

Oh yeah: and also make a shitload of money.

THAT's the place that I’m dying to get you to so you can come hang out with me in 1st class, drink some Topo Chico hard seltzer [don’t worry, I snuck some in my carryon], & buy as much of that overpriced trial size shit at Sephora near the checkout counter as you want [puh-leez tell me I'm not the only one who gets sucked in EVERY time.!?].

omg, help me RN Erica

wanna get to know me more?

I’m an Emotional Manifesting Generator, 6/2 profile in Human Design, but I spent my first 6-month deep dive into HD thinking I was a straight up Manifestor [major friggin oops]. I was born at 11:11pm and didn’t realize you had to put that down in military time when you’re figuring out your type.

I’m an Enneagram 5w4. According to google, 5’s seem to be the least popular number [and are also mostly men], so I’m legit rocking that unique factor on all fronts….including my damn enneagram #.

I’m obsessed with Basset Hounds, and several years ago [after the loss of my soulmate doggo Oliver who suffered from Dementia at the end of his life], my husband Greg and I decided to only rescue senior Bassets from here on out!

I lost 120 pounds in 2018 and I still freak the fuck out when I buy shit in size Small. 

I recently became a vegan...after making fun of vegans my whole life. I saw a movie on Netflix called “Gamechangers” that straight up rocked my world. At 5pm on a Friday night I wasn’t a vegan, and at 6:30pm that same night when the movie was over I was. It’s still hella weird for me.

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