I'm dying to help you blow up your biz... 

When you work with me 1:1 you get allllll of my best advice, brainstorming, expertise and's basically like gettin' my brain juice all up in your biz, all day, erry day.  We're able to go real deep on all of YOUR specific challenges, growing pains and roadblocks. Chances of you not comin' out it with kickass ideas, making way more $ & feeling ready to take on the world? Z-E-R-O point zero %.

you're ready for empire status...

1:1 Coaching with Erica

I have five 1:1 coaching spots available each year, but the only hitch is: they almost always sell out before I offer them up publicly. And that’s because I have a super secret waiting list that I use whenever a spot opens up. This is an intensive, high-level coaching program that lasts for three months. You get 3 weekly 60-minute calls with me per month, 24/7 Voxer access and a shitload of accountability. It’s kind of like I’m your co-CEO...and trust me: we’re gonna make a ridiculously badass team together. The investment starts at $20,000 [payment plans available]. 

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90-Minute Intensives

If you want an action packed, no fucking around, "let’s solve some problems and solve em fast" brainstorm sesh, then my hour and a half intensive is going to be the perfect fit for you. We can dive deep and tackle things like: fine-tuning your offer suite, identifying your niche, launch planning for the next quarter, or content planning and Instagram strategizing. In additon to our 90-minute sesh, you get 1 week of Voxer support with me so we can keep the strategizing party goin. The investment is $997 [payment plans available].

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how is an intensive different than your 3-month program?

With an intensive sesh, it's possible for us to work on 3-5 issues in your biz that need solving. But because we have a limited amount of time, there is only so far we can go. With an ongoing 1:1 coaching package, we get to work on ALLLLL the issues in your biz. By the time we are done with our time together your coaching biz will look nothing like it did when we started.

Are you gonna yell at me ?

Uhm...maybe. If you're new to me, we should probably get a few things out of the way: I always tell it like it is. And honestly, sometimes you might not want to hear it. But I promise you: when we work together the only thing that I'm focused on, front and center, every time we talk, is helping you get to empire status, make lots of money, blow up your biz, and create a life for yourself that's so dreamy you can't even imagine it RN.

Do you have payment plans?

Yep! For both my intensive sesh and for my 1:1 coaching, I offer payment plans. I want to make working with me as easy as I can, and so if you want to talk about payment plan options or need something that you don't see, just send me a DM on Insta and let's get into it.

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